Business community to develop Health Project in the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic

The Business Community of the northeastern area of the country and the Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE) will develop the “Ciudad Sanitaria del Nordeste”, a high-tech hospital that will operate under international standards, financed with private capital.

This academic hospital will be built with advanced technology in different healthareas, according to the current regulations of the National Social Security System, and will also promote the development of health tourism in the country.

The members of the board of directors are Guzmán Ariza law firm; Monsignor Dr. Fausto Ramón Mejía Vallejo, Bishop of the Diocese of San Francisco de Macorís and dean of the UCNE; Mr. Amílcar Romero, Duarte senator and vicepresident of the Fundación Universitaria; businessman Carlos Eliseo Negrín; Dr. Franklin Rodrguez Pantaleón; Ing. Pedro Almonte, president of Almonte Ingeniería y Tecnología; Dr. Nelson Rosario Socías; and Dr. Anny Romero, medical advisor.

[August 2016]