German Dominican Chamber of Commerce Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The German Dominican Chamber of Commerce celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in a cocktail party with a large number of its members, allies of the private sector and public sector authorities.

The meeting was attended by Volker Pellet, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and honorary president of the Chamber; Fabio Guzmán Saladín, president of the CCDA and partner of Guzmán Ariza law firm; Edmund Duckwitz, former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Dominican Republic and founder of the German Dominican Chamber of Commerce; Johannes Hauser, President of the Regional German Chamber of Commerce for Central America and the Caribbean; Nelson Toca Simó, Minister of Industry, Commerce and SMEs; Fausto Fernández, Vice Minister of Tourism; among others.

During his speech, Guzmán Saladín said that “since its foundation in 1994, the Chamber has achieved important milestones that have enabled it to fulfill its main mission, which is to achieve a greater cooperation between Germany and the Dominican Republic, especially searching for business opportunities that are beneficial for both nations.”

The commemoration took place at the Ambassador’s residence.

[March 2019]